1. Photocopy of the passaport

2. One photograph

3. Bank receipt


Bank:         Vakıfbank, Afyonkarahisar Branch

IBAN number:     TR10 0001 5001 5800 7303 5121 36

Account number:      00158007303512136


1st installment 2.000 Turkish Lira

2st installment 2.000 Turkish Lira


The 1st installment will be deposited until October 30,2020

The 2nd installment will be deposited until February 26,2021


        The students who will be coming to Turkey from abroad should make a pre-registration and get a letter of acceptance. They should make the pre-registration by paying 500 Turkish Lira to this account: IBAN TR10 0001 5001 5800 7303 5121 36.

        Then the students need to visit the Turkish Embassy with the letter of acceptance and get an education visa in order to come to Turkey. After coming to Turkey the students must make the final registration in Afyon Kocatepe University TOMER. In case if they were not able to get the education visa from Turkish Embassy the pre-registration fee (500 TL) won’t be refunded.

        The students who already paid 500 TL for pre-registration will pay 500 TL less for the second installment. (So they will pay 1500 Turkish Lira for the second installment.)

        The students who already live in Turkey don’t have to pay the pre-registration fee.

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